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Data Chap

CRM, eMarketing, HR & Web databases, DPA/GDPR
API's, Migration, BI, Reporting, Performance, SQL 2014

Marketing Databases

GDPR is in-place, and will be enforced in May 2018 - when mass mailing will have to stop. I'm looking forward to the 'shake-up' and the challange of redesigning marketing around definable responses.

In the past, I created 'rapid responsive segmentation', that allowed the campaign segment to be massaged, in the requirments meeting, rather than over days of repeated runs. Tie-in 'live' response rate analysis (rather than weeks late post-campaign analysis), and you could be sure a customer wants the message, and engage them.

Reporting, BI & Big Data

My preferred analysis tool is QlikView, which I've used to analyse performance KPI's, for NHS Direct. It 'plugs-in' to most flavours of database (SQL, Oracle, SAGE, SalesForce), along with excel, and XML from external data sources.

I've also spent 5 years using Crystal Reports, and SyBase Infomaker. The former, for RNIB operations (monthly ROI, I&E, scorecards, etc) as well bespoke reports to track the efficacy of the parallel run during a large DB database migration during 'live' operations. The latter for Harrow County Council.

Database Administration

I started altering database's 14 years ago, and have been connecting with databases, through reporting tools, and 'active' web pages, for over 20 years. So database applications

I currently use responsive grid HTML5, to scale content to screens of any size. But for wcities (multi-lingual travel information site) I used SSI detects, and CSS, to alter the content depending on browser type, screen size & default language. I also used DIV layers, and trasparency, to add scaleable full-screen images behind the content. This worked on mobile phones, WAP, Apple, PC's, and the early internet TV boxes.